l)urg, where relapsing fever is a frequent disease.
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also found it in phthisical patients where the left lung is contracted. Not-
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siderable variation occurred in the coagulation time
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3. Arthrodesis and Its Application in Infantile Paralysis
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mation is necessary. Pain due to tubal disease is aggravated at the men-
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tations, from their close proximity to the Eustachian
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hemorrhages take place into the mucous surfaces, or petechite appear on
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oculation. PfeifFer and Kolle thus found that after a single inoculation with
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The Effect of Diet upon the Fits of Epilepsy.— Dr. Alexander Haig
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If the piston fits properly after the oil has been removed, it will fit after
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fection. Twenty years ago was wounded in the head. Three
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a gynecologist was called in consultation. ISTo improvement resulted,
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No glandular involvement or throat trouble, no his-
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withdrawal of blood, the production of fractures, amputations, etc.,
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The authors of these books may not expect readers to follow them
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that such people should begin their course of treat-
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theless, serviceable as it had been in establishing
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things as sex, obesity, habit, intelligence, and the inclinations of the patient
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acyclovir (zovirax) famciclovir (famvir) valacyclovir (valtrex)
duty at Fort Slocum, N. Y., September ist, and will
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tion, two of acute poisoning, and one of cholera asiatica, all occurring
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of erysipelas — a clear liquid with grumous deposits along the walls and
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the temperature, and the blood taken simultaneously
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Public Health Bulletin No. 33. Washington : Government
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SchiitzelP observed hyperacidity in 73 per cent., a normal acidity in
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rotheln, scarlet fever, whooping-cough, influenza, enteric fever, and ery-
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the hiug could be felt as a hard body coming against the needle.
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is possible that in rare instances, epidemiological
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Health and Marine Hospital Service for the seven days
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trophy of a part resulting from some morbid condition, it is essential to
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cal school should have published the first book in the English language
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period of one week as amygdalitis. Upon examination
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particularly latent, are to be met with in advanced
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minuteness of its structure, that we owe the interest evoked by it in the
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porus acusticus. The acoustic and the facial nerves were separated by the
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jects to alcohol if given too freely. The best means

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